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Creating Winners is an independent digital company and operates as a technology partner to local and international organisations, innovative startups and scale-ups.

Since 2014, we've been developing high quality software that runs fast and looks great on any device.

We combine Dutch design & quality standards with Asia’s top developers. What can we build for you?

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Who we are

Creating Winners in the digital tech space.

With a drive and mindset to realise your creative plans, together, we can create winning digital applications that make a long lasting impact. Through gamification and raised user experiences, we leverage modern tools to bring captivating experiences to your customers.

Our mission is to align with your strategy by finding a realistic approach to creating a cutting edge technology solution that fits your budget and that can scale up when you do.

Based in the Netherlands and Malaysia, our diverse team of experienced developers are led by Dutch entrepreneurs with extensive ICT & Research backgrounds. Creating Winners can help scale and transform organisations that are innovative and ambitious.

What we stand for

Be passionate

We work with people who are passionate about their work and we make sure that our teams are working on projects they are passionate about. Once a team is established we make sure we are clear on what the customer stands for and what we want to achieve with the development. This is the reason developers go the extra mile to research options, make key recommendations and implement lasting solutions instead of just coding what was required.

Create Magic

In order to win your hearts and start building a long term relationship, we need more than a functioning product that ticks the boxes. The development needs to exceed everyone's expectations. Therefore, from the very start to the end, we make sure you are well informed. We invite you to participate in sprint planning and reviews, so that you are well aware of what will be delivered, when and at what budget and so we can listen to your feedback along the way. That's how we get to a winning development.

Do Right

IT developments can be highly frustrating with many agencies exceeding deadlines and budgets. Most often it starts with business development managers overpromising and later under delivering. We are clear on timelines and budgets, no hidden fees or lock-up contracts, as we do not seek a one of win. We seek a long lasting relationship and this requires mutual trust.

Make it Happen

Our team is proactive, positive minded, skilled and we walk the talk. Being passionate, Creating Magic and Doing Right only works when in the end we deliver. It is our understanding that we protect our health and creativity by working normal hours and by honouring time off, but must make extra effort as and when the situation requires this.

How we can help

Everything your company needs

From web based (mobile friendly) applications with back end management portals to native iOS and Android apps, with global API solutions, we can support your ideas. Your ICT environment can also be managed by us and monitored 24 hours per day. We can scale up your systems before problems occur and discuss solutions in an easy and analytical way.

(Mobile) Product Development

Creating Winners develops your software applications via an agile approach from start to end. Developing an in-house metrics dashboard with open API, a banking application, a podcat terminal or a new gamified SAAS product? We can help get your MVP on the market fast, running smoothly and looking great. In 3 - 4 week sprints you will see your product come to life whilst keeping a tab on tangible progress and budget.


Our view is that anything can and should be gamified to elevate the experience of your customers. And we know gamification. Gamification involves implementing gaming techniques to trigger your customers to a certain behaviour, but can also be full scale games that we develop in Unity or HTML5 to bring mobile, desktop and console projects to life.

Team Extension

Creating Winners can increase your in-house development capacity and speed or complement the expertise gap with an on-demand development team. Let us take care of recruitment, training and development, payrolling & administration with experienced developers from around the world, mostly based in our Kuala Lumpur office.


Get industry expert advice and guidance on your digital requirements and strategy or on operating a development team. Or perhaps you need a set of second eyes on a complex development or stagnating development? We can help.

Our Latest Work.

Take a look at some of our latest developments


RIA Play

The DIY smart serious gaming application for learning & communication on web & mobile which makes learning enjoyable and effective for everyone.

#vue, #nodejs, #bash, #php, #laravel, #flutter, #aws, #cloudflare, #mediapackage, #lambda, #fcm, #websocket



Fonodio is talk radio and podcasts based on the users’ preferences. Broadcasters can create their own radio and activate the “Ad Insertion Program”.

#angular, #python, #nodejs, #java, #php, #laravel, #ios, #android, #aws, #mediaconvert, #lambda, #websocket, #mongodb


The Litter Club

By using the TLC app you can identify and tell us where litter is, we can notify people and community groups, and together we can rectify the issue, so we can all live in a cleaner, healthier world.

#vue, #php, #bash, #ios, #android, #aws

Let’s start a conversation to get answers to those important questions that lead to a winning product.

Meet Us


Ali Hosseini

Senior Developer

Have we understood all the requirements? And do we have the right people and skill sets in-house to deliver?


Javad Moradi

Mobile Developer

A mobile website, hybrid or perhaps a native development? Have we clarified the pros and cons?


Costas Karageorgos

Finance & HR Director

How can we deliver on time and within the budget? Is the dev. team aware of the details of the agreement?


Sharmalah Bala

Admin & Finance Executive

How can I best support the team in their next sprint? Do they have everything they need to be able to perform?


Jan-Willem Smulders

Managing Director

What’s the time to market? Should we release an MVP first to validate the idea? Is an agile approach going to work?


Vivek Shah

Mobile Developer

Are we dependent on external providers for sign on, payments or data that can influence our time frame?


Safa Sabar

Marketing & Support

What design will fit with your customers? Can we talk to them, get their feedback and test the user experience?


Karel van Zijl

Technical Director

Is the approach realistic? Is there an easier way to accomplish it in a shorter time? Which elements will be most challenging?


Jeroen de Koning

Client Director

How can we establish a flow in our dialogue so we remain aligned throughout the whole process?


The Netherlands.