Creating Winners

Creating Winners is a digital agency specialised in serious gaming for learning & communication. 

Our mission is to create 1 Million winners through the power of play. 


Creating Winners product overview


RIA is an innovative, full-customizable application aimed at frontline customer service staff. Designed specifically to address the pressures of your industry, RIA is both time and cost efficient, bringing together knowledge, fun, social, and technology into a single, exciting learning cycle delivered to you through serious gaming.


Rhythm is a no cure-no pay, frontline performance program, tailor-made to boost your company's frontline performance. Designed to take place between 4-6 quarters, Rhythm is about building lasting employee behavioural changes and boosting motivation and drive!


A 24/7 online dashboard that seeks to create a safe place where information can be shared, knowledge can be gained, resulting in improved team performance, E-Policybook Pathfinder is a smart interface provides users with a curated access point to the system, providing them with only the information relevant to them.